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Step #5

Silversmithing Options


Once the functional options are chosen, we may then choose options that will personalize the look of your spurs. These options are only limited by your imagination. Please refer to photos of previously created spurs as examples. Todd is always looking for a new challenge!

Letters: Silver, Jewelers’ Bronze, or Copper $20.00 each
Brands: $50.00-75.00/pair
Silver overlay Full Band $150.00
Silver overlay, Full Shank $100.00
Silver Overlay, Partial Band $75.00
Silver Overlay, Bars on Shank $15.00/pair
Silver Overlay, Bars on Band $35.00/pair
Inlay on Band $100.00
Inlay on Shank $55.00-75.00
Silver or Bronze beads on Shank $75.00
Silver Beads on Band $100.00
Button Covers (outside button) $35.00


Click here to view Todd's portfolio.

Any combinations of the above options are available. Please call for a specific quote.

All orders are submitted to the creation list when a check for half of the final cost down is received and matched with the order.

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